Ballistic plates

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Rifle ammunition is generally not stopped by your soft bulletproof vests. It is necessary to supplement your soft bulletproof vests with additional insert plates to remain safe.

We are capable of producing ballistic plates based on different threat levels, ranging from NIJ III to NIJ IV+ (multihit).

Using the most advanced UMWHDPE and ceramic materials, we are able to deliver excellent ballistic performance at very low weights and thicknesses.

Some of the standard plates we offer are:

NIJ IV (multihit) – 2.5 kg – 24 mm thickness

NIJ III – 1.1 kg – 22 mm thickness

NIJ IV (multihit) – 2.75 kg – 28 mm thickness

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Are you looking for ballistic equipment? Feel free to contact us for non-binding advice. In addition to ballistic equipment, we also have extensive experience with ballistic helmets, load carrying systems, and various other special techniques. You can reach our company in Willemstad, through the contact form, by sending an email to info@profile-equipment.com, or by calling +31 (0)168 47 28 18.

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