The most commonly used helmet shape today is the ACH shape. It is available in 3 cut sizes as shown below. All helmets we supply can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, such as various types of shrouds, side rails, and Velcro. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of harness and padding systems. Besides the shape and accessories, weight and ballistic performance are also crucial factors. In essence, we can classify helmets into 3 basic material groups: Aramid, UHMWPE, and composite.







Helmets made of aramid are typically very impact and environmentally friendly. Due to the stiffness of the material, this type of helmet is not easily deformed. It features a foolproof design. However, this comes at the expense of slightly higher weight and lower V50 (ballistic) properties.

UMWPE (e.g. Dyneema)

UHMWPE (such as Dyneema) is the current standard for extremely lightweight helmets with excellent ballistic properties. However, these helmets are generally less environmentally robust..


We have started experimenting with ceramic on the helmet shell. Ceramic enhances protection against rifle bullets, although its weight primarily caters to static personnel (gunners).

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