Ballistic helmets

The most widely used helmet shape today is the ACH shape. Which comes in 3 cut sizes as shown below.

All helmets we supply can be outfitted with a wide range of accessories such as different type of night vision shrouds. Side rails, velcro and a wide variety of harness and retention systems. 

Aside from the shape and accessories the weight and ballistic perfomance is of great importance as well. Basically we can devide in 3 basic material groups Aramid, UHMWPE and composite. 


high-cut ACH helmet
mid-cut ACH helmet
regular-cut ACH helmet


Aramide based helmets are usually very impact and environmentally resitant. Due to the stiffness of the material you will not easily deform this type of helmet. A ‘fool-proof’ design.
This comes at the cost of a little heigher weight and lower V50 (ballistic) properties.

UHMWPE (a.o. DYNEEMA) is the current standaard for extremely lightweight helmets with outstanding ballistic properties. Although the helmets tend to be less strong environmentally speaking.

We started to experiment with ceramic additions on the helmet shell. The ceramic will increase the protection against rifle bullets. Although due to the weight it is mainly aimed at static personal (board gunners).


BOA Cam-fit dial adjust, basically our standard for anyone who is working with Night vision on their helmets. The dial adjust system easy to size to your specific headshape.

We have different padding options. The padding absorps some of the impact energy, lowering the risk of TBI.

All accessories including the retention system can be mounted boltless. Decreasing the amount of weakspots in a helmet.