TrekAce® Technologies enables people to THRIVE (surviving > coping > enjoying) at ANY situation or context …no matter how extensive it may be, and where other technologies fail!

 TrekAce® features both hardware and software (patented) technologies to support its users at the most demanding settings:

Autonomous vehicles – Non-GPS situational awareness solution: Field-proven, second-to-none, patented, self-reliant-algorithm-driven app, which provides better accuracy than GPS-based navigation (centimeters accuracy!)

  • Outdoors sports – Never look at a map again: Navigate with ease when running, cycling, motorcycling, hunting, skiing, kayaking. If it works well for the world’s best Special Forces, it will work well for you!
  • Defense – 3D Operational Effectiveness Sphere: Supporting situational awareness and stealthy communication at ANY feasible setting; Air > Sea > Land AND Indoors > Underground > Underwater!