Wild Goose

An innovative, hybrid electric powered tactical hauler. Hauls heavy loads over any terrain while maintain full combat effectiveness and mobility on the battlefield.
Offered in two main variants: 4×4 (load capacities up to 120Kg), 2×2 (load capacities up to 60Kg).
Designed to comply with military standards and ingress protection.

– Reduce soldiers’ carried weight to basic combat load and significantly increase their maneuverability and survivability in a fight
– Reduce fatigue and consequent erosion of combat effectiveness
– Provide assistance in carrying heavy loads and equipment
– Improve mission self-sustaining capabilities
– Improve casualty evacuation in battlefield

– Dual powerful hub motors
– Electronic differential lock
– Hill descent control system
– Lightweight aluminum alloy and polymer flexible body
– Dual adjustable suspension system
– Patented elastic goose-neck for extreme agility and ergonomics integration
– Rugged design with high level of foldability, conversion kits, and adaptors (stretcher kit, MK19 kit and more)
– Near-silent operation, reduced acoustic and thermal signatures, high torque at all speeds